Rolling into Reading

This is a fun and interactive class for children who are struggling with focus, reading, sensory issues or crossing the midline.   The class is designed to help children build skills that they need to successful in the classroom and with peers.

Classic gymnastics moves that build muscle, provide heavy load lifting and deep pressure, are mixed with cardio activities like jumping rope, skipping, and the amazing S’cool Moves poster activities.  Designed by a reading specialist, occupational therapist, and a gymnastics coach, S’cool Moves is a wonderful program that strengthens eye tracking, posture, creates calm and focus, and literally builds the brain and strengthens the cross connectors between both sides of the brain.

Our special blend of all these wonderful things is especially valuable now as our children are asked to be more and more literate at an earlier age.

8 Week Tuition:  $153

Online schedule is currently being updated, please call 763-5010 for days and times