Competitive Programs

REG TREETOPS – Developmental Classes

Developmental classes are designed for children who have shown talent, desire and need more of a challenge. They are grouped by age and ability, and the classesrequire more time commitment than recreational classes. Developmental classes area fast track to our competitive team program and are by invitation only. The classes for girls are: Seedlings, Heartwood & TipTops. For boys: Spiders & Super Spiders.

Xcel Team
Xcel classes are a separate level of girls team within USAG. This level allows athletes to participate in competitive gymnastics at a much more accessible level, while still having the opportunity to perform and compete with other Xcel athletes in the Bay Area and beyond if desired. Xcel classes start off requiring a lower level of commitment and skill than traditional artistic gymnastics, and enrollment is seasonal. Admittance to class is by instructor permission only.

Boys and Girls Pre-Teams and Teams Level 3 – 10
REG hosts both girls and boys competitive teams as well as developmental classes that lead up to competitive levels at an accelerated rate. We believe that competitive gymnastics is a wonderful way for athletes to learn how to set and achieve goals, to build a strong work ethic and to gain personal knowledge about themselves. REG currently is host to over 100 team athletes who compete locally, regionally and nationally.

REG participates in USA Gymnastics (USAG) competitive program for boys and girls. Girls and boys are split into Levels that run 1 through 10 (ten being the highest). At REG, the girls begin competition at Level 4, and we teach Levels 1 to 3 in our developmental/pre-team program. The boys begin competing at Level 4 and continue through level 10.

Competitive teams are a long-term commitment for a gymnastics facility, its team members, and their families. Team athletes workout anywhere from 9 to 20 hours per week and competitive season can run year round. Team membership is earned though periodic testing at the developmental level and/or by try-out (for previous competitors). Membership is by invitation only. Please call for any further information. (707) 763-5010.

REG Boosters

Redwood Empire’s parent booster club is North Bay Gymnastics Boosters (N.B.G.B.). NBGB is a non-profit organization run by our competitive team parents and exists to support our competitive gymnasts in their pursuit of gymnastics and all the expenses that gymnastics travel requires. Competitive team members’ parents participate at different levels and elections are held yearly for board positions. All developmental parents are encouraged to join and help the cause.

The following meet flyers are available for download:

• Storybook Classic (Fall Compulsory Home Meet) 2018 – Storybook_2018

BSO 2018 Brochure – December 2018

• Gymnastics in the Wine Country –  Callinan Center in Rohnert Park –  January 18th – 20th 2019   2019 GWC Session Summary

The following are links for those interested in competitive gymnastics: