Eric Van der Meer – Girls Competitive Team, Boys/Girls Classes and Tumblebugs

Eric Van der Meer, co-owner, teaches all classes and team.   He holds a Bachelors of Science in Human Science (emphasis in coaching) and a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology. A native of the Netherlands, he moved to America in 1998.  He has coached athletes in Holland and America at a national level as well as taught Physical Education at the junior/senior high level for many years.  His particular style of working with children is a favorite at REG, and his reputation as a caring and talented coach is widely acknowledged.  Eric teaches Tumblebugs during the day and coaches team in the evenings!

Erinn Van der Meer – Girls Competitive Team, Girls Classes and Tumblebugs

Erinn, co-owner, teaches all classes and team as need at REG.  She began gymnastics at the age of eight at the YMCA in Berkeley.  She went on to compete and perform for her high school team and really enjoyed the experience.  She starting teaching and coaching gymnastics as a freshman and has been coaching at various clubs pretty much ever since!   SSU brought her to Sonoma County in 1986.  She enjoyed working her way through college at REG way back then, while earning her BA and Teaching Credential.  She has put that education to good use as well, teaching at KJHS since 1993.  When she is not teaching, Erinn enjoys knitting and playing with her two boys.